Better practitioners means better care.

We offer a variety of programs to improve the learning of Integrative Traditional Chinese medicine, from health seminars for casual learners to hands-on programs for aspiring students and practitioners looking to develop their clinical skills.

At HeCares, we are passionate about education. We believe that education is the key to helping elevate the standard of the healthcare field.



The training is led by Frank He, L.Ac, QME, DAOM, founder of HeCares Integrative & Sports Medicine Center, and expert in neuromuscular and pain management. This fellowship provides specialty training in orthopedic medicine onsite at the HeCares clinic, and is comparable to Western medical fellowships.

The Fellowship program requires a minimum of one year commitment and consists of 9 hour onsite training days. HeCares Fellows are expected to work hours comparable to local Western Medical fellowships in the Bay Area.

Fellowship responsibilities include patient care, administrative duties related to patient care, responding to Hurgent Care calls, assistance in daily clinic operations and basic clinic management.



For newly licensed acupuncturists, the HeCares Residency can help you get on your feet. Grow as a professional and hone your skills as a practitioner at the only acupuncture residency program in the US that is comparable to Western medical residencies.

During this year long program, HeCares residents will build their confidence and sharpen their skills under the guidance of a senior practitioner. Residents will see patients in the clinic, manage a variety of cases, and respond to urgent care and house calls.

Resident responsibilities include patient care, administrative duties related to patient care, responding to Hurgent Care calls, assistance in daily clinic operations and basic clinic management.


Applied Radiology for Acupuncturists

Radiology is an important tool for the proper diagnosis of pain and injury. However, it is underutilized by acupuncturists, even though pain and injury is one of the top reasons why patients seek acupuncture treatment. At this CEU course, learn when to order and how to read radiology imaging such as x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs.


Muscle Channel Technique Certification

For any healthcare practitioner, pain is one of the most commonly encountered patient complaints. And, of the many benefits conferred by acupuncture, pain relief is the most widely recognized.

If you are a licensed acupuncturist who would like another tool to treat pain, this weekend certification and continuing education course is for you. Learn the proprietary Muscle Channel Technique and Subcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation technique (MCT / SENS) from the proprietor himself, Frank He, L.Ac, QME, DAOM.




Learn about Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), including acupuncture and herbal medicine. TCM is a popular and fast-growing alternative and complementary medicine.

See how TCM is practiced at the HeCares clinic to treat everything from sports injuries, pain management, internal medicine, pediatrics, fertility, dermatology, and even urgent care.

Observe how a team of integrative medicine practitioners work together at a busy practice that has expanded to multiple locations in the Bay Area.


Frank He lecturing at Five Branches University


This externship offers students a chance to observe and assist practitioners at the HeCares Integrative Medicine clinic.

This internship is perfect for students who are interested in learning all aspects of running a private practice, from interviewing and treating patients to front desk administration, marketing, and team-building.

HeCares externs must be professional, self-sufficient, detail-oriented, hardworking and willing to represent the HeCares team both in and outside of the office.



Grand Rounds

***As of the COVID-19 pandemic, Grand Rounds is now a clinical training session limited to the HeCares team, including externs, residents, and fellows.***

HeCares Grand Rounds opens the clinic to the public to show just what an integrative Chinese medicine practice looks like. Whether you are a curious patient, an inquisitive healthcare provider, or a studious acupuncturist, Grand Rounds offers an unique and educational experience.

During Grand Rounds a team practitioner evaluates and treats a volunteer patient while observed by a small audience. Grand Rounds patients are new or established patients who would like to benefit from a complimentary or discounted evaluation and treatment. All participants, patients and observers, must register ahead of time. All proceeds go to the HeCares Foundation.


Health Seminars

Learn how to better care for yourself: how to live a balanced lifestyle according to Traditional Chinese wisdom, and how to prevent illness and minimize injuries. At our health seminars, HeCares practitioners share their experience and expertise in healthcare on various topics.

The HeCares Foundation hosted its first seminar on the prevention of sports injuries, presented by founder Frank He, L.Ac, QME, DAOM, a long-time athlete and specialist in integrative sports medicine. 


HeCares Foundation

The HeCares Foundation works to build an educational institution that will provide didactic and clinical training to acupuncturists, physicians, and other allied healthcare practitioners to promote communication and understanding between health care providers of various specialties to improve patient care.

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