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Licensed Acupuncturist



Are you an integrative, Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner looking for a more in-depth continued education course? For established practitioners, the HeCares Fellowship can help you further develop your clinical expertise.

The training is led by Frank He, L.Ac, QME, DAOM, founder of HeCares Integrative & Sports Medicine Center, and expert in neuromuscular and pain management. This fellowship provides specialty training in orthopedic medicine onsite at the HeCares clinic, and is comparable to Western medical fellowships.

  • Deepen your knowledge in neuromuscular and pain management through research and case conferences
  • Refine your diagnostic skills by seeing real life patients under expert supervision
  • Develop your collaboration and communication skills through case presentation
  • Sharpen your orthopedic and neurological exam skills, and hone your sensitivity to necessary radiologic imaging
  • Revisit classical Chinese medical literature to reabsorb the nourishing essence of these texts
  • Learn to listen: “if you listen carefully to the patient they will tell you the diagnosis” — William Osler
  • Appreciate the value of integrative medical care and recognize the deficiency of our field’s training curriculum

The Fellowship program requires a minimum of one year commitment and consists of 9 hour onsite training days. HeCares Fellows are expected to work hours comparable to local Western Medical fellowships in the Bay Area.

Fellowship responsibilities include patient care, administrative duties related to patient care, responding to Hurgent Care calls, assistance in daily clinic operations and basic clinic management.

Pay will be comparable to local Western Medical fellowships and is based on the hours to which each candidate commits. Candidates who successfully complete their fellowship are eligible to join the HeCares Team.

To Apply
Please submit the following to team@hecares.net:

  • A letter of intention
  • Resume
  • Two letters of recommendation

Rewards are available for referrals that lead to hires.

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