Grand Rounds




One Day

***As of the COVID-19 pandemic, Grand Rounds is now a clinical training session limited to the HeCares team, including externs, residents, and fellows.***

HeCares Grand Rounds opens the clinic to the public to show just what an integrative Chinese medicine practice looks like. Whether you are a curious patient, an inquisitive healthcare provider, or a studious acupuncturist, Grand Rounds offers an unique and educational experience.

During Grand Rounds a team practitioner evaluates and treats a volunteer patient while observed by a small audience. Grand Rounds patients are new or established patients who would like to benefit from a complimentary or discounted evaluation and treatment. All participants, patients and observers, must register ahead of time. All proceeds go to the HeCares Foundation.

Please check our events page for upcoming Grand Rounds sessions.

HeCares Foundation

The HeCares Foundation works to build an educational institution that will provide didactic and clinical training to acupuncturists, physicians, and other allied healthcare practitioners to promote communication and understanding between health care providers of various specialties to improve patient care.

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