Applied Radiology for Acupuncturists


Licensed Acupuncturist


One Week

Radiology is an important tool for the proper diagnosis of pain and injury. However, it is underutilized by acupuncturists, even though pain and injury is one of the top reasons why patients seek acupuncture treatment. At this CEU course, learn when to order and how to read radiology imaging such as x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs.

Imaging is often needed to thoroughly examine and assess a patient’s source of pain. Ordering imaging tests not only helps you make an accurate assessment, but it also gives you more credibility with your patients. Patients are so excited and relieved when they can actually see the bone spur or torn ACL that is the source of their pain.

We know that the radiologists we refer to are well trained to review the images and give their assessment, but it is important to be able to verify the assessment for ourselves. Patients often come to acupuncturists as their 2nd, 3rd, or even last resort before invasive surgery or expensive procedures. Thus it is critical to carefully correlate the imaging tests with your clinical findings.

At HeCares Foundation, we strive to advance integrative medicine by advancing practitioner proficiency. Better practitioners mean better patient care.

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