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TCM Student



The HeCares externship is for students currently enrolled in a Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) program who want to supplement their professional and clinical experience while earning school credits.

This externship offers students a chance to observe and assist practitioners at the HeCares Integrative Medicine clinic. This internship is perfect for students who are interested in learning all aspects of running a private practice, from interviewing and treating patients to front desk administration, marketing, and team-building.

  • Follow an experienced practitioner and observe patient interviews and treatment
  • Assist practitioners in patient care, such as with acupuncture needle or cup removal, or herbal formula selection
  • Learn how to update patient health records and schedule appointments on electronic medical software
  • Support the front desk administration in receiving and checking out patients, as well as re-stocking and preparing treatment rooms
  • Participate in team trainings, team meetings, as well as occasional marketing events
  • Realize the many aspects of running a busy integrative medicine clinic, and be a part of what makes it go!

HeCares externs also have the option of earning clinical units with their TCM school program, depending on the school.

HeCares externs must be professional, self-sufficient, detail-oriented, hardworking and willing to represent the HeCares team both in and outside of the office.

To Apply
Please submit the following to team@hecares.net:

  • Resume
  • Two letters of recommendation

Rewards are available for referrals that lead to hires.

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