HeCares Residency


Licensed Acupuncturist



Are you struggling to set up your practice, or striving to pay off your student loans?

For newly licensed acupuncturists, the HeCares Residency can help you get on your feet. Grow as a professional and hone your skills as a practitioner at the only acupuncture residency program in the US that is comparable to Western medical residencies.

  • Sharpen your diagnostic skills, especially in orthopedic and neurologic physical examination
  • Develop your clinical reasoning process to arrive at a sound diagnosis, a reasonable prognosis, and a solid treatment plan
  • Learn to order and read lab tests and radiology imaging
  • Learn to recognize emergency red flags and refer cases in a timely manner
  • Apply muscle channel theory to treat sports injuries and pain conditions
  • Practice effective communication, good bedside manners, and patient education
  • Effectively market yourself as a professional and network with healthcare practitioners in other fields such as chiropractors and M.D.s

During this year long program, HeCares residents will build their confidence and sharpen their skills under the guidance of a senior practitioner. Residents will see patients in the clinic, manage a variety of cases, and respond to urgent care and house calls.

HeCares residents are expected to work hours comparable to local Western Medical residencies in the Bay Area. Resident responsibilities include patient care, administrative duties related to patient care, responding to Hurgent Care calls, assistance in daily clinic operations and basic clinic management.

Pay will be comparable to local Western Medical residencies and is based on the hours to which each candidate commits. Candidates who successfully complete their residency are eligible to join the HeCares Team.

To Apply
Please submit the following to team@hecares.net:

  • A letter of intention
  • Resume
  • Two letters of recommendation

Rewards are available for referrals that lead to hires.

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The HeCares Foundation works to build an educational institution that will provide didactic and clinical training to acupuncturists, physicians, and other allied healthcare practitioners to promote communication and understanding between health care providers of various specialties to improve patient care.

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