HeCares Foundation 2021 Annual Report

As we have leaped into the New Year of 2021, I’m grateful and pleased to update you on the status of HeCares Foundation. Despite all of the challenges in 2020, I’m proud to say that our foundation has not only survived but grown stronger!


Educational Programs


Grow as a professional and hone your skills as a practitioner at the only acupuncture residency program in the US that is comparable to Western medical residencies.


This fellowship provides specialty training in orthopedic medicine onsite at the HeCares clinic, and is comparable to Western medical fellowships.


This internship is perfect for students who are interested in learning all aspects of running a private practice, from interviewing and treating patients to front desk administration, marketing, and team-building.


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When you donate to HeCares, you are funding support for local hospitals and programs to help western and integrative medicine practitioners. Make your tax-deductible contribution today!

HeCares Foundation

The HeCares Foundation works to build an educational institution that will provide didactic and clinical training to acupuncturists, physicians, and other allied healthcare practitioners to promote communication and understanding between health care providers of various specialties to improve patient care.

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